Plant Symbolism

Aloe:  Due to its ability to survive where other plants do not it is regarded as a healing plant. It is good for spells that are to sustain the body or to dispel discomfort.

Bamboo: An extremely versatile plant and has many uses, it represents growth and versatility.

Bayberry:  Symbolizes illusions and appearances, it is used for visions and divining.

Beech:  Because of its smooth grain it was often used for writing surfaces and has come to represent ancient knowledge through objects and writings. It is often used as a replacement for oak.

Blackberry: This was considered by all to be the food of the faeries and it was extremely taboo to eat them within Celtic Britain.

Bloodroot: This herb is used to heal wounds and aid with regeneration. It symbolizes healing, strength and growth.

Bluebell: These are very enchanted plants it is believed that their bells call the faeries to their midnight processions.

Boneset: It was used to help set broken bones as well as treat wounds. It symbolizes fixing, mending, regeneration and strengthening.

Butterfly weed: Like the butterfly it is considered a good plant to use for healing transformation and rebirth.

Cactus: With its ability to store water it symbolizes hidden treasure as well as endurance and the ability to adapt to situations and environments.

Catnip: Most animals either find this a powerful stimulant or a sedative, due to this seemingly contradictory effect it is used in spells for deception or paradox.

Cattails: A water growing plant that turns ponds into swamps then into dry earth this plant symbolizes strong earth energy, balance and stability.

Cedar: Excellent at repelling negative energy. It is used for protection and warding away negative spirits.

Chrysanthemum: A very decorative plant it denotes nobility and royalty. It is particularly good for speeding up the rate and flow of spells.

Clover With its three-fold leaves it was very special to the Celts symbolizing balance and the triad. A four leaf clover is very lucky, and it is said that wearing one within your hat will allow you to see fairies.

Corn: One of humans most treasured plants, it has always been a great source of nutrition as well as providing medicine. It is closely related to the sun, harvest, health and the earth goddess.

Cypress: This is regarded as a sad tree, as it was used to build funeral pyres it is associated with mourning

Dogwood: This tree symbolizes charm and finesse; it is used to enhance personality as well as aid in social stature.

Elm: It is associated with shadows, darkness, and depression and was used to mark off tainted areas of the countryside.

Eucalyptus: It is seen as a protecting and nurturing tree. It can also symbolize 'sloth' due to its narcotic foliage. Eyebright As the name suggests it has long been associated with being farsighted and clearness of vision. It is used for seeing faeries, the truth, and far sight.

Fern: The favored plant of the pixies and wherever these grow you are supposed to find them nearby. It also represents ancient knowledge and archaism.

Feverfew: So called because of its ability to banish fever it is good for healing.

Fireweed: One of the first plants to grow after a fire, and it is also extremely useful providing humans with many uses. For this reason it is seen as a good plant to have as an ally.

Ginseng: This plant concerns clarity of the mind and is used to enhance focus.

Goldseal:  It is mainly used as a cleaning agent and in spells it is used to purify and cleanse.

Grass: This is a hardy plant that is the first to grow in most places it symbolizes food, concealment and hardiness.

Hibiscus: This plant symbolizes beauty and fertility, its 5 petal flowers speak of protection and its random growth that of chaos. It is used for spells involving randomness, glamour, and repelling negativity.

Juniper: This is an excellent tree for healing and cleansing especially in curbing the spread of poisons or disease.

Larch:This is one of the few conifers that sheds its pines in winter. It is often used to rim ceremonial drums. It may be used for protection and inducing visions.

Lilly: This symbolizes sorrow and is closely associated to death. It is used to symbolize danger, caution and deadly beauty.

Lotus: Used to symbolize intellect, mental energies and illumination. It is used to clear the mind, purify and inspire.

Mandrake: With its root having the appearance of a man and it reportedly screaming when it is removed from the ground it was often used for curses and negative spells.

Maple: Special for its sugar and syrup it represents success and abundance.

Mistletoe: Extremely sacred to the druids, when found growing on Oaks it is very magical and is a great catalyst for all spells.

Mugwort: This plant represents clumsiness, awkwardness, and ugliness. As may be assumed this plant is used to infer these qualities onto our enemies.

Mushrooms: Considered to be very enchanted especially regarding fairy rings. They were also used to induce visions.

Myrrh: Myrrh symbolizes power, strength, vitality, and mysticism it can be used to increase ones energy and stamina.

Nettle: Though prickly it was also a great source of food, it is useful for spells that give an indication of future dangers or pitfalls.

Oleander: Symbolizing majestic yet deadly beauty because it is poisonous it is good for spells that involve charms, charisma, and attraction.

Parsley: This is a very popular herb, it represents stability and normalcy. It can be used to stabilize or ground emotions.

Pennyroyal: Seen as a majestic and noble plant, it is used to improve ones own status and stature.

Raspberry: Often used to detect the fertility of soil it is used for spells that require detection or preserving things as its berries were used to make jam. Reed The reed symbolizes flexibility, rapid growth, and expansion. Its stalks can also be used for making flutes. It is good for music, growth, and expansion. Rose With its beautiful flowers and its deadly thorns this is another plant which symbolizes deadly beauty. It is used for glamour, enchantments, and love potions.

Rue: As the name suggests this plant governs sadness and sorrow. It is used to create depression but can also be used to help banish it.

Spruce: It is a versatile tree that is a fast grower and proves dominant within its territory. Its wood is good at storing/conducting energy and it is seen as good to use when bargaining with Earth elementals.

Strawberry: Used for love spells, its symbolism is that of love, temptation, passion, and rewarded effort.

Sycamore: This tree represents growth, persistence, strength, and endurance.

Thistle: This plant is also known as Pixies' Gloves.

Vervain: This plant was used to boost energy, strength, and heart rates. The druids saw it as a very powerful plant using it in potions to increase the length and power of their effects.

Water Lilly: This plant symbolizes purity and stability in an unstable environment. It is used for spells that require purity or to invoke cultured mannerisms.

Wintergreen: Symbolizing coolness, calmness, and refreshment, it is used to soothe fears and to calm the nerves.

Wormwood: An extremely dangerous, poisonous plant, it is sometimes used to induce visions or to harm spirits.